Exemplar Audio Suggestion

If you came to feel the music…  we suggest that you leave your analytical mind in your lab (behind).  There’s another element at work here and we apologize for our brevity but fancy words (eloquent prose)  are only promises.  Furthermore, although numbers and specs matter, they are only half the picture.  The way we like to portray our success is this:  put down the brochure,  turn on the music,  sit back,  take a deep breath-- don’t forget to exhale-  and shut up.  In a short while, things will seem different. We hear that every time.  You will too.  

If true HiFi were only a numbers game everyone would be a winner and we’d all be in heaven by now.  

Three ideas:

1.  Feeling vs. hearing:  Our clients are feeling  (experiencing) what others are still listening for.  We know that if you aren’t getting lost in the music,  the music is getting lost in your system.

2.  Numbers are not the bottom line measuring stick that matters when it comes to reproducing music in your home.  At Exemplar, we’ve  learned not to depend on the numbers. In the electronics world, they measure the speed of circuits in microseconds and our ears hear harmonic structure in nanoseconds.  In the end, it’s  not about charts and numbers…..it’s about bodily sensations and emotions.  

When humans craft and play musical instruments and sing to their sweethearts….it’s not a harmonic distortion that they are conveying….we don’t know the exact word for the emotional elements in all of that but we do know how to reproduce it.  And that, my friends, is exactly what music is all about.  The designs  that  we have injected into our work shine brightly in your heart long after the “on”  switch is off.  

3. Less words…more performance:   Eloquence has been overdone…if you enjoy reading pretty words about audio equipment we can tell you that the best ads are by cable vendors. At Exemplar we taught our equipment to speak for us….the language that they speak is universal.   That said,  let’s turn on the music so you can make your final decision.  


Complete System

eXemplar Complete System  Part-Time Audiophile

eXemplar Complete System  Positive Feedback

eXception Integrated, Interconnects, & T105 Digital Player  Client

Digital Players

eXpo T105 Digital Player   Stereo Times

Headphone Amplifier

eXception Reference Headphone Amp  Positive Feedback


WMTS XP-2 Preamplifier  Stereo Times

eXception SE Linestage Preamplifier  Client

eXception SE Linestage Preamplifier  Stereo Times

Integrated Amplifier

eXception Integrated Amplifier  Client

eXception Integrated Amplifier  Marihart Audio


XL-IV Loudspeaker Client

XL-III Loudspeaker  Client

XL-III Loudspeaker  Client


Portal Cables   Stereo Times

eXemplar eXception Interconnects   Stereo Times


Endorsement  Winston Ma (First Impression Music)