eXception Headphone Amplifier

Due to changing lifestyles and living arrangements headphone systems are becoming increasingly popular. In response we’ve developed our first headphone amplifier to meet that demand. It of course incorporates all the technical benefits of our previous equipment.


Very short all triode signal path with no negative feedback

Voltage amp cap coupled to an actively loaded differential output stage (high dynamic range, wide bandwidth with fast transients and amazing recovery of low level detail, transformer output)

Urushi output capacitors (simply the best signal capacitors we’ve been able to find!)

Custom mu-metal shielded power transformers with power supply PCB mounted directly to transformer (minimizes stray fields and noise pick up)

Very high performance, ultrafast, wide bandwidth shunt regulators per channel (very low impedance power to tube stages over an extremely wide bandwidth providing extremely low noise and black background)

DC regulated filaments

ALPS audiophile-grade VOLUME pot

Warm-up delay function (when powered up the power supplies are sequenced in stages to maximize tube life and provide quiet startup)

Heavy gauge steel enclosure to help isolate external electronic noise from nearby equipment

Each unit is proudly hand built in the USA!


Controls: Volume, Power, Balanced/Single Ended Selector, Input select, Hi-Lo Impedance Selector

Outputs: 4 Pin Balanced XLR Jack & Single Ended ComboXLR/TRS Jack

Inputs: RCA x 2

Output Impedance: Hi and Lo ranges switch selectable

Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz

S/N: >90db

Tubes: 6H6P

Power Requirements: 110-120 VAC 60Hz, 200 - 240 VAC on Special Order

Dimensions:  16.25" W X 2.5" D X 4.5" H

Weight: 20 lbs.

Warranty: 5 years limited parts and labor. One year or 10,000 hours, whichever comes first, on Exemplar Audio Tubes.