Endorsement - First Impression Music  (Winston Ma)

Over the decades, I have continually pursued better equipment, just like any other passionate audiophile. However, I have an additional reason behind my search for better equipment, one not shared with other audiophiles: as the producer of FIM recordings, I need better sounding and more accurate equipment for my work. These components are my tools in gauging the tonality and balance of the sound spectrum of my recordings. Hence, the quality of the equipment I use has a direct bearing on the quality of my products.

About ten years ago, I had the good fortune of meeting John Tucker at an audio show. John was demonstrating his beloved horn speakers. I was pleasantly surprised as I listened to John’s presentation. Whether it was his speakers or his electronics, he impressed me as an all-around talent in audio design. At the end of the session, I invited him to come to my music room, and we grew to become good friends.

Audiophile listeners say that FIM recordings have been constantly improving. Among many other factors in this progression, I must admit that John has helped me a great deal in front end control, power amplification, digital considerations, and even with cables. I do not believe that I hold any biases regarding equipment, as I have for many years had the privilege of exposure to a broad range of equipment offered by my peers in the industry, at virtually every price level. And yet, again and again, I have concluded that John’s equipment is among the very best. In fact, I have occasionally tried a new component in my system, but each time I have gone back to John’s equipment.

John’s creations are modestly priced, but are often far better than their significantly more expensive competitors. John is a solid and very knowledgeable designer, and his products are honest and free of gimmicks. He continues to move forward, as the pace of his creativity results in a constant evolution of his designs. Consequently, I keep replacing his older designs with his new ones. Without exception, the sound quality of my system becomes better and more accurate each time I do so, enhancing my mastering work immensely. People say that FIM recordings have a signature sound: musical, dynamic, juicy and rich in harmonics…perhaps because these are the qualities of John’s creations.

I have never made a secret of the fact that I am using John’s super preamplifier, LSA power amplifiers – modified by him – and, of course, his DAC and CD player and several sets of his cables. John designs his equipment with an unparalleled blend of accuracy, passion, and creativity. I feel supremely confident and comfortable in my mastering work ever since I have become addicted to his chain of components! 

I said that John and I have become friends, and that is because our thinking “clicks.” He is a big man with a warm heart; he takes care of the needs of his friends before his own. I have not found many people like him in this day and age.

John possesses an immense wealth of talented creativity in audio design.

Winston Ma - First Impression Music