Review - XL-IV Loudspeaker

I have owned the Exemplar Audio XL-IV loudspeakers now for about six months, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the quality of sound that they are able to convey. They simply bring the listener closer to the real thing, be it a live performance or recording session. I say “able to convey” because they need to be part of a neutral chain of components to really work their magic. Any changes in the chain are easily recognizable. Once the preferred neutral chain of components, cables, etc. is arrived at, the XL-IV loudspeakers will begin to shine.

And they do work magic. Great imaging and coherence as expected from point source drivers, but also respectable sound staging. I cannot say enough about the top to bottom tone as being dead-on, with great tight bass that is well balanced with the rest of the presentation. Engaging dynamic presence, speed, micro detail without etching, and control that rival the 30K and 60K loudspeakers from some major players that I have been fortunate enough to have had listened to extensively. To me, the XL-IV loudspeakers even edge out the Exemplar Horns that I have also auditioned. They simply have much of the Exemplar Horn magic, but with added tuneful and tactile base that round out the presentation.

The balanced qualities of the XL-IV loudspeaker are just so “correct” to my ears. I simply cannot say enough about the step up in quality of life that these loudspeakers have been providing me over the last six months. Highly recommended.

John D.

Chicago, IL