Review - eXception Integrated Amplifier Review

I was able to do a couple of hours of listening Friday night after setup.  Right out of the box the Exemplar Integrated was simply amazing.

I have owned several nice pre-amps that includes the Parasound JC-2, First Sound MKIII, Coincident Line Stage and the Sanders pre-amp.  All of the pre-amps were very top notch components but I have to say that the pre-amp section of the Exemplar Integrated is the very best.  That is a big statement considering I only listened for 2 hours but it is true.  Music is clean, pure and has a presence unlike any I have heard.

I was concerned about the Exemplar Integrated being only 50 watts but that after only a couple minutes of listening I knew this wasn't an issue.  Clean and incredibly powerful sound is all I heard.

The combination of the pre-amp and amps in this component is a match unlike any I have heard.

I can't wait to see how good the Exemplar Integrated is after 200 hours of play.

Importantly, with a top notch front end feeding this component you would have to spend in the upper 30K to better it.  That is no exaggeration!

There is no need for anyone to spend ten's of thousands of dollars when an audio component like this one is available.

Highly recommended.  I will be glad to discuss this unit with any of your potential customers.

Best Regards-

Kevin Meeks